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Chris Jarvis
Chris Jarvis

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Hacktoberfest 3 down one to go.

I made progress on my Hacktoberfest goals. I had two more pull request accepted. I added to a user groups's site and I did a bit for coder education.
The user group had requested an favicon for their site. I took their logo and modified it to appropriate size. And placed it in the requested folder. Then I added the link so the favicon would appear. The site was made with Eleventy. I've never used it before so I got to read code and learn a bit.

My other contribution was adding some coding questions to a bot. I have a "Time I learned" log and pulled some things from there. I keep the log to give me blogging prompts. This time I just used it to make some questions with answers. I added them to the questions array. The maintainer approved them so maybe my trivia will appear on screen in the future.

I have one more PR to meet the goal, but I won't stop there I'll keep looking for ways to help open source. I'd like to do some accessibility work.

progress bar of 4 rectangles. 3 of them are filled in one is empty.

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Jess Lee

Nice work, Chris!