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Programming For Hours- 5 Tips To Stay Productive

There are times when you have to code like straight for hours. But is it actually practically possible to work effectively on something on which you need both Mental focus and Thought process. If you ask me I would say yes it is possible to do so. But, You do need to involve some hacks and tricks to stay productive. Here are a few very common ways to stay focused and attentive while your hands are on keyboard for a code.

## Table Of Contents
* Use of music
* Always Have Something To Drink
* Have Everything On Desk
* No Time Peeking
* carry hand sanitizer

1) Music

Generally speaking this is one of the most effective methods to stay focused in long hours of continuous programming. Not just programming but even for exercise or fitness it is very effective. I have seen and tried this method myself. Even if your code is not running Music will make you stay calm and not lose your cool. You won't get frustrated quickly and you will just keep on trying. Every time I use to code, I carried one earpiece along with me always.

2) Always Have Something To Drink

A drink while we work
Many might be thinking that If we indulge in drinking something. Eventually we need to go to the bathroom. Well the thing is I am not saying you to drink a whole bottle or soft drink or something. But, Drink when you start feeling exhausted. This will give you a sense of relaxation and freshness. Again one thing I must make clear here these are not something scientifically proven facts. They just work for me as well as many others I know. That is why I am suggesting this to you.When I code I always have my water bottle along with me. This is just how I stick with my work.

3) Have Everything On Desk

This is something which is not just applicable to those who write programs, But is for everyone around who have long sitting hours. You want to study whole sunday for test? this is how we do it. Having everything on your desk is just not good but a great practice. Because if you have to stand up from your seat after every few minutes it will eventually break the momentum you created for hours of sitting. I don't think anyone want to do that right.

4) No Time Peeking

girl confused
You probably might be thinking that what do I mean with this time peeking think. It actually means that when you are Programming, Don't look at the time any way. What you should do is buy a watch in which you can set it to beep after every one hour. This will surely be very efficient way of stay up with the time. You just need to remember that with every beep that hear time is passing. You also have to do other stuff right so wind it up.

5) carry a Hand sanitizer or wet wipes

Now you know this already that you need to use the bathroom before you start your programming or study. But you should carry a hand sanitizer too. Sometimes you just need your hands clean for any reason. This is when hand sanitizer comes to play. Also it is suggested to have wet wipes with you. Why let's suppose you got some glue on your hands and sanitizer can't do much but wipes can.

Which one of these interest you. I can't wait to see your response in the comment section. Make sure to ask questions which you have. I will love to answer them all. Or maybe you just want to share an experience that is also welcomed. With that said see you later CODERS!
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To stay productive you need always take a break :)