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5 easy ways to get started with JavaScript .reduce()

As a completely new developer, my favorite JavaScript tools were .map() and for loops. But recently, I've been determined to understand more complex methods like .reduce.

Working through the Callbacks & Higher-order Functions challenges in CSX has been the perfect introduction to reduce, which was intimidating for me to get started with. But reduce is a powerful method and definitely worth the effort.

The first .reduce() method I was exposed to was via MDN
arr.reduce(callback(accumulator, currentValue[, index[, array]])[, initialValue])
The W3Schools definition was better, but not by much.

So what's the best way to get over this intimidation factor?

1) start small with basic examples

  • Most newbies are familiar with using .reduce() to aggregate the elements in an array
const theOG = (array) => {
  return array.reduce((acc, el) => {
    return acc + el
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2) remove any confusing terminology-- accumulator? What callback?

  • I played with simple reduce applications using just x and y.
  • But it might make more sense for you to use total and current or total and item
  • Doesn't this syntax look familiar?
return array.reduce((x, y) =>  x + y % 2)
return array.reduce((x, y) =>  x - y)
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3) console.log a lot

  • If you're not sure what reduce is doing, console.log and see how that matches with your expectation.
const reduces = (array) => {
return array.reduce((acc, num) => {
  console.log(acc, num)
  return acc + num
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4) add other arguments and console.log those

array.reduce((acc, num, index, array) => {
    console.log(num, index)
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5) practice + repetition

  • Challenge yourself to solve different problems using .reduce() instead of the more obvious loops or methods.
  • Solve the same problems over and over until they become second nature
  • For me, the CSX challenges did a great job of that, but you can also make up your own challenges

As with every topic, FreeCodeCamp has a straightforward article you can reference when stuck.

You can also view my reduce challenges here

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Tori Crawford

These are great tips for any JavaScript array method! I love it. Great post.

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