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How you can block from search results and why you would want to.

I just got an error on NPM install. node-pre-gyp WARN Hit error Connection closed while downloading tarball file

A quick search said something about "It worked with Node 10, but not 12 for me"

Cool. I'll use nvm. brew install nvm While that is downloading let me look up how to use a .nvmrc file to specify Node v10 for this project. A quick search tells me

"You read alot. We like that. You've reached the end of your free member preview..."

🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 NO MEDIUM. You've reached the end of luring me in for a 30 second tech fix only to slam face-first into your paywall. There are hacks to get around their paywall if that is your preference. I'd rather just stop seeing Medium search results all together.

How to block Medium from your search results

uBlacklist to the rescue. It is available for Chrome & Firefox, has about 40k users, and a Github repo. INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK! (but those stats are enough for me to give it a shot)

In the uBlacklist settings add *://* You may have to click "block this site" one time in a Google search to stop seeing Medium articles.

Why you might want to block Medium from search results

Medium is trying to get paid and authors need to get paid. That said there was a lot of pushback when Medium put content behind a paywall. Many of top tech authors left soon after that. I don't think Medium is the right place to share any code now. I am removing it from my searches so I don't have to waste any time with their paywall when I am searching for quick answers.

Now I need to get back to writing that .nvmrc file.

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mzaini30 profile image

Yeah. I too. Leave Medium by these reasons:

  • My account was blocked because I was wrote that those posts were break up terms and condition like "spam" texts or link (I don't understand what I do. Am I do something wrong? Hahahaha)
  • I got nice post or tutorial in Medium. But, it's show only a half of this. Hahahahaha

So, I use Dev until now.

airtonix profile image
Zenobius Jiricek • Edited

fyi: this 👆 isn't me

cpmech profile image
Dorival Pedroso

Excellent! Thanks!

qurus profile image

Thanks for this post. Medium so much annoying me.

brettanda profile image
Brett Anda 🔥🧠

I've found that if you are logged in and get this message. Just log out and it should go away

jastuccio profile image

Thanks, Brett. There are a lot of workarounds to easily defeat the paywall. I just decided to stop giving them my views instead.