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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners

Learn HTML5 and CSS3

All HTML and CSS Elements are explained in easiest ways.

HTML and CSS are the basic programming languages for web development and design. They are beneficial to learn for developers, marketers, and people in many other disciplines. Learning HTML can be used for situations like formatting a blog or email, working with a CMS, embedding external content on your site, and creating usable content.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS are an important way to control how your Web pages look. CSS can control the fonts, text, colors, backgrounds, margins, and layout. But it can be very difficult to learn CSS, and some people would rather not learn it.

By learning CSS you can modify pre-built templates so that they have your colors and styles. Thus you'll have a customized website without a lot of effort.

Knowing how to modify the CSS will save you money when you find small problems that you can fix yourself. And as you practice, you'll be able to fix bigger and bigger problems.​

CSS gives you the opportunity to create sites that look very different from page to page, without a lot of extensive coding.

This course going to cover:

  • HTML Basic Tags.
  • CSS - Selectors.
  • CSS - Units & Color codes.
  • CSS - Margin, Padding and Border.
  • CSS - Display, Box-sizing & Positioning.
  • CSS - Font Styling.
  • CSS - Flexbox.
  • CSS - Grid.
  • CSS - Background Properties.
  • CSS - Gradients.
  • CSS - Transform, Transitions and Animations.
  • Bonus - SASS.

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