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10 Best Websites to become a React.js Developer in 2024

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

What is React? best places to learn React.js in 2024
Hello Devs, if you want to become a React developer or just want to learn React.js to complete frontend tasks and looking for the best websites to learn React in 2024 then you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I shared the best React.js courses, books, and a complete React.js Developer RoadMap, and today, I am going to share the best websites and online platforms to learn React JS in 2024.

React.js is one of the most popular front-end development libraries and it's used heavily by all kinds of companies, both big and small, both startups and investment banks etc.

There is also a lot of demand for React.js developers as there are not many developers who understand React and create React components and React.js based applications.

I just looked at the React jobs on Indeed and more than 30K React.js jobs are available. I bet the actual number is a lot more than that and that's why learning React.js can be a game-changer for your career.

If you don't know, React.js is a JavaScript library and open-source created by the Facebook development team used for building the UI or user interface for the front-end website and make the interaction with your website so simple such as a single page application a mobile application, and dynamic components like the search bar is a component.

Most of the front-end pages actually contain many files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and maybe more than that but with React you can combine all of that work in one file and making the website load much speedy and also instead of rendering the whole page when you click on some component you actually render that component only so that makes it more powerful in terms of visual and losing speed.

After this small introduction about React.js, and now that you have some basic understanding of what is this library and what makes it useful compared to the other libraries and by reading the article, let's jump into the best websites and online platforms to learn React.js in 2024 from scratch.

btw, if you are in hurry then just join Acadmind and Maximillian Scwarzmuller's React --- The Complete Guide course on Udemy and you won't regret.

best sites and courses to learn Reactjs

10 Best Platforms to Learn React.js Online in 2024

Here is the best places to learn React.js in 2024 I have handpicked these online React.js resources with a couple of React and JavaScript experts.

I have purposefully chosen as few resources as possible, mainly to avoid confusion, but still with some options. I have also tried to include both free and paid React.js resources for better learning options.

Just in case if you have any other useful React websites that teach React development then feel free to suggest them.

1. React (Official Website)

Always learning any kind of programming language or framework from the official documentation is a good idea since it was written by the professional who has created or developed that technology so it covers every aspect and there are almost no mistakes in their tutorials.

Start by installing the environment like adding the react to your website and start your very first Hello World example then render elements and components and much more advanced techniques such as optimizing the performance building your own Hooks and much more you will explore inside the documentation.

best website to learn React.js in 2024

2. Udemy

This is one of the best platforms that I suggest people take a look at and learn from their thousands of free online courses in different industries from marketing to business and technology and various programming languages and React is one of them and there are more than three thousand courses only for this topic.

When you search Udemy you will find a lot of free React js courses but not all of them are good, some of them are very short and some of them are not up-to-date, but there are still many free React courses that are worth joining like the React JS Frontend Web Development for Beginners which is an up-to-date React course and intended to teach you the basics of Hooks and working with API and some other small features.

But, when it comes to picking the best React course, I highly recommend to check out React --- The Complete Guide by Maximillian Scwarzmuller.

Top 5 Websites to Learn React JS in 2024

This React.js course is not free but is one of the biggest courses intended to help you build an amazing and useful React application such as single page application and learn advanced Redux routing deploying the app and more.

2. Coursera

Coursera is another great platform that offers online courses, specialization, online degrees, and professional courses created by the top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc, and top universities around the world as well as organizations in different industries such as data science and programming, and React.js.

Starting with the best course for React called Front-End Web Development with React and will teach you its component and JSX then move to some advanced concepts such as React routing and designing a single page application and the flow architecture and Redux creating client-server communication and how to use the REST API and more.

This course or should I say a collection of courses because it's a Coursera specialization is offered by the University of Hong Kong. Like other Coursera courses, you can audit the course for free, which means you can watch them but you won't get access to certificates and assessments.

If you want a certificate then you can either enroll in the specialization or join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives unlimited access to more than 3000+ Coursera resources including Professional certification from Google.

Best Coursera course to learn React.js

4. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that has more than six thousand tutorials about technology and programming on their websites and YouTube channels and their graduates have got a good job after graduating and taking the courses offered by them.

There are many good resources to learn React.js on freeCodeCamp and Build an Online Store is one of the best projects that you can see to learn how to use React and other technology combining them to create a useful project and deploy it in amazon web service AWS and adding some features such as strip payment to be a complete store created from scratch in one video.

best free react courses for beginners

5. AlterClass

This is another good website to learn Reactjs online. It has one of the best paid online React courses which covers everything you need to know to become a React expert but you may not know that it also has a free module where you can learn React Fundamentals for FREE.

The React Fundamentals course on Alterclass is completely FREE and good enough to learn the basics of React.js frameworks like props, state management, and JSX.

The course is taught by Greg D'Angelo, a senior software engineer and mentor specializing in teaching React, JavaScript, and much more. He has been working with React, Node, and MongoDB for the last few years to build large-scale production applications in a wide range of industries

best free website and online course to learn React.js

6. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is another e-learning website or platform that has thousands of classes created by professional instructors since this website restricts anybody from teaching if he does not have the skills that he offers to people and one of the courses out there is React.

When it comes to learning to React on Pluralsight, Building Applications with React and Redux is the best course intended to be for intermediate people who have some basic understanding of JavaScript and React to build React applications using modern technologies.

But if you are not intermediate and you want to learn the basics then you should see this React: The Big Picture course targeted the beginner who is just starting their career in React.

By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this React course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year (14% discount). I highly recommend this subscription to all programmers as it provides instant access to more than 7000+ online courses to learn any tech skill.

They run 40% off sale every quarter and you can get their annual membership for just $149 per year, which is like $12 per month. Alternatively, you can also use their 10-day-free-trial to watch this React course for FREE.

best platforms to learn React.js for Beginners

7. Learn React for free (updated) on Scrimba

This is another great resource to learn React.js for free in 2024. This ultimate React 101 is an interactive course to learn React.js and a perfect starting point for any React beginner.

You will learn the basics of modern React by solving 140+ interactive coding challenges and building eight fun projects and most importantly its completely free. .

This free React course contains 147 interactive screencasts spread across 4 modules. Here is the table of content which list all the react concepts you will earn into this course for free

free websites to learn React for beginners

8. The Beginner's Guide to React on

This one is another amazing resource to learn Reat.js for free. It's also a highly recommend resources and most than 6500 people have recommended this course to react beginners.

This is an hands-on course and designed to teach you how to build smart websites using React.js.

Each lesson in this 28-part course is a single index.html file. This keeps the focus on learning React, with no distractions.

The course starts with a blank file and slowly adds more complexity as they go along, wrapping the course with a lesson on how to move into a more production-ready development environment—and even deploy your app cloud and services like Netlify.

free resources to learn React.js


This is another best learning platform for beginners to learn Rect.js online. is a text-based, interactive learning platform which allows you to run code in your browser, which means you don't need to download or install any software and you start doing programming right in your browser. also have many tracks, courses, and certifications for React Developers. They also have both beginner and experienced level courses for all kind of React programmers.

Here are some o the notable React tracks and courses from Educative to explore:

1. Become a React Developer

This is a career path for anyone who wants to become a react Developer in 2024. This path will teach you the fundamentals of React along with related technologies such as TypeScript, ES6+, and JSX.

Along with this, you will learn to maintain the state of the app using Redux and Flux. Take the leap, and become a complete front-end developer today. This track has 4 modules, you can learn more about it here.

React for Front-End Developers - Learn Interactively

2. React Development for Professionals

This is an advanced path for React developers and teach you relevant skills along with React.js like Git, React Hooks, latest features of React and Firebase.

This track will also help you to use design patterns and think more abstractly about how you create applications in React. You can learn more about this track here.

React Development for Professionals - Learn Interactively

you can either join these React.js course individually or you can take an educative subscription (recommended) to get access to their 250+ high quality, text-based, interactive courses to learn key skills for coding interviews, software development, and technology. They are also running a holiday offer now and you can get it for just $12.9 per month on their annual plan.

10. Codecademy

This is another website where I go to learn new skills and in the past I have learned Java, Linux command line, Python, and JavaScript in this interactive website.

This is similar to freeCodecamp but much more smooth and well designed. Their bite size lesson and interactive practice and feedback help you to quickly learn React.js.

They also have a free React course called learn React which will teach you essential React’s concepts like JSX, class and function components, props, state, lifecycle methods, and hooks for free.

You’ll be able to combine these ideas in React’s modular programming style. They also have a another course on Redux called Learn Redux as well some projects which you can build to learn React better, my favorite one is Random Color Picker

As I said, CodeCademy ahs both free and paid React.js courses, Learn React is free but if you need certification then you need to join CodeCademy Pro which gives access to all of their courses and projects. It cost around $15.99 per month and provides access to all the CodeCademy premium content, courses, quizzes, and projects.

Best places to learn React.js for free

That's all about the 10 Best websites to learn React.js in 2024. You can join any of these websites and online course platforms to learn Reactjs from scratch.

If you want to learn React for free then I suggest learning from their official websites and freecodecamp, and joining these free React.js courses from Udemy.

React.js helps you to create a good user interface for you websites or mobile apps because they gave them a competitive advantage and make the digital interaction for users more easy and simple and that will acquire them more clients and profits and that can be possible with a JavaScript library called React.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best sites to learn React.js in 2024, please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop a note.

P. S. - If you just want to do one thing at this moment to kickstart your React.js journey, just go and join The Modern React with Redux [2024 Update] course by Stephen Grider on Udemy. You will learn React.js quickly and never regret your decision.

If you know any other React resource or place to learn React.js online, please share here

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FrontendMasters had some amazing and up to date courses on React and companion libraries and more the last time I checked . They even offer a 6 month free complete access to all their courses for students. Ofc they don't offer any certificates but I don't think a self made developer needs one, the work speaks for itself

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Yes, indeed, I heard a lot about them, but never tried them yet. May be its time now to check them out, thanks for recommendation.

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Great Courses list! Indeed very helpful.

Also, after learning React.js I would recommend to practice it. Learning it practical to get you more used to this language.

Start working on live projects, learn from the open source projects available on GitHub.
For instance if you want to learn and implement React Admin Templates then you must check the Materio Free MUI React Next.js Admin Template it is free and open source.

Best of Luck!

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