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Unanswerable. Each language works better in specific (usually organizational) situations. I use at least 2 programming languages in new software, and 4-5 in legacy stuff.


I wouldn't say any language is best, but depending on what you're looking for you might say that JavaScript is best because it runs, like, everywhere.



Then again you can run JS on Java using Nashorn so most places that run Java will run JS.


i don't think the word "best" is the right to use,each language has its on good here bad here ,best is for you to sit and research on each of these languages, probably watch beginners tutorials about them on youtube.
No one is going to sit you down and say this is the best, it think.
This is my opinion.


Any language that gets the job done efficiently, securely, and is as maintainable as the life of the project needs.


In my opinion...

From the developer perspective:

There isn't a best one, just what's most appropriate for your application. Another thing to consider is what's most popular in your job market.

Java, c#, etc are general purpose programming languages, in which, as long as you have solid learning of programming principles, OOP, etc then you can more or less move back and forth from each language.

As an example, I'm brought up on Java, but my first developer job mainly requires experience with JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET. Java positions in my job market are sparse whereas C# .NET is plentiful.

So should I have continued to pursue Java or find a company who sees my core abilities and shows willingness to invest in me? Subsequently, I now become more valuable in my local job market.

From a startup/company perspective:

Again, it's what is more appropriate for your application. Additionally, the company should choose a language in which it has a large pool of developers with strong experience locally to their job market to ensure strong continuity and to minimise costs of recruitment.

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