On-Call Nightmares Podcast - Episode 5 - Kolton Andrus - Gremlin

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On-Call Nightmares Podcast - Episode 5 - Kolton Andrus - Gremlin

Fear, Chaos and Pain

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Common subjects in the Christopher Nolan Batman films, especially when the Joker appears. How do we avoid the moments of fear, chaos and pain in real time? By preparing for it. Today we talk with Gremlin Inc founder and CEO Kolton Andrus.

Kolton is co-founder and CEO of Gremlin. Previously, he was a Chaos Engineer at Netflix improving streaming reliability and operating the Edge services. He designed and built F.I.T., Netflix's failure injection service. Prior he improved the performance and reliability of the Amazon Retail website. At both companies he has served as a 'Call Leader', managing the resolution of company-wide incidents.

Twitter: @gremlininc

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