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How to have a portable programming workspace?

Hello Dev,
In a day, I might change computer 3 or more times. I'm working at school and sometimes they aren't even my machines. That makes it really difficult to work on a project with a lot of dependancies, like python or anything like that. So how can I have a portable workspace with everything I need and a linux os?


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Matthew Henry

If you're comfortable with a terminal and have an android tablet or something similar, Try out Termux on android. I use it for a mobile dev suite if I'm stuck and the battery lasts far longer than a laptop.

Otherwise, once again if you have a tablet or the like, try a service like Coder, they also have a bunch of open source tools like sshcode, code-server and sail. Each of their tools are focused around using remote visual studio code instances over a web browser (Like chrome or anything else!) So you can offload your heavy duty work to a server (e.g an EC2 instance) while you keep your machine running nice and quiet and battery sensible!

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VS code editor is now available online