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Jordi Cabot
Jordi Cabot

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3 tools to showcase your GitHub profile

Like it or not, the first thing any recruiter will look at (just after googling your name) is your GitHub Profile. This somehow assumes that any developer should have a healthy contribution to a number of open source projects (or side projects) on your free time to be more employable (even if this may imply a less healthy work-life balance). There is even a tool, called CodeTrace, that claims to perform a real-time skills assessment of a developer’s expertise based on the GitHub profile.

To be clear, I'm not saying I like this or that you should follow this "trend". But if you are actively looking for a new job and do contribute to projects on GitHub, you may want to take this opportunity to stand out and improve your chances of getting selected by improving the visualization of your GitHub profile.

Beyond following these recommendations on how to prep your GitHub profile for job seeking (add a real picture, pin projects with cool tech, remove useless forks...), there are a number of tools that read your GitHub profile and try to showcase it in a more attractive way. The three I liked the most are the following:

Profile summary for GitHub

Simply add your GitHub username and the profile summary for GitHub online tool instantly gets you a number of charts summarizing your repositories, commits and stars, grouped by language.

See an example of the kind of visualization get in the featured image above, showing the data for my profile. You can also run it locally. And, even better, the source code is available on GitHub itself.

Sourcerer requires to be authorized to access your GitHub data but in exchange, it is able to provide a more detailed perspective of your activity. See an excerpt of my GitHub profile visualized by

The first part looks quite similar to the profile generated by the previous tool but Sourcerer goes further than that and, for instance, it includes a "Fun Facts" section (even if I would appreciate to be able to drill down in these facts and see some data on how the tool reached that conclusion, I'm surprised by some of them).

FunFact from your GitHub profile generated by

Sourcerer lets you edit your profile to change/complement some of the generated data. You can then use your own sourcerer URL to share the (edited) profile with whoever you want to. The sourcerer app is also open sourced. And as a bonus, looking at the other tools created by Sourcerer, I also liked this widget to generate a readme file thanking your project contributors.

GHUser aimed to enhance the existing profile visualization in GitHub. Some of the things they add on top of the standard GitHub profile display are all the repos you have contributed, a different repo sorting, transferring stars to users, bringing avatars, detecting frameworks (and not only languages,...). Read about all of them here. Once ghuser created your enhanced profile, it looked like this one

Example GitHub profile visualization improved by ghuser

Unfortunately, the project has been recently discontinued and they have stopped onboarding new users. Stil, I think it's worth mentioning because as they said, their goal was not so much to build an alternative to the GH profile itself but to push GitHub to adopt some of their ideas in order to get better profiles for everybody.

CV Generators from GitHub data

I focused on tools that try to display your GH profile in a more attractive way but if what you need is to generate a CV out of your GitHub data, there are plenty of tools for that as well.


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Elango Sundar

I have created a repository for awesome github profile aims to collect the all awesome beautiful READMEs profile and make your Profile look good & Inspire other's.

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Gabe Romualdo • Edited is by far my favorite — really neat to see how many lines of code I've written on GitHub. Very useful, thanks for sharing!

— Gabriel

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Tiago Marques

Thank you!!!

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Paweł Kowalski

Sourcerer is cool :D