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Jordi Cabot
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JSON Discoverer - Visualize the schema of your JSON documents

JSON discoverer allows you to discover the implicit schema of your JSON documents.

Any JSON document includes both metadata (i.e., the schema) and data (i.e., the objects/values conforming to the schema). The problem is that typically the metadata part is implicit (alternatives like JSONSchema exist but are not widely used) and must be inferred from the slight (nested) structure of the data itself.

This makes really difficult to read a JSON document. Given a JSON document our tool will generate a UML class diagram to visualize the structure of the document and a UML object diagram to show the JSON data itself as an instance of the schema.

We believe the tool is very useful to quickly grasp, for instance, the kind of response that an API call is providing.

Moreover, our tool also helps you to defect possible combinations between different APIs by discovering common schema parts among them.

Indeed, the tool provides three different services:

  • Simple Discoverer The simple discovery mode analyzes a single JSON definition and provides both the schema and the data.

Simple JSON Discoverer

  • Advanced Discoverer The advanced mode analyzes sets of JSON definitions and discovers the common schema among them.

Simple JSON Discoverer

  • API Composer The API composer helps you to identify API compositions in a graphical way.

For this later part, we have a (separate and more recent) tool that you can also take a look at: REST API Composer. For the rest, JSON Discoverer work as smooth as the first day and has helped a lot of people since. Give it a try!

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Bug Blitz
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Pratheep Kumar Manoharan

How to use this JSON simple discoverer?

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Jordi Cabot

Go to the webite and click on the image showing the type of discoverer you're interested in.