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It's been said a closed mouth doesn't get fed. If true, how do you toot your own horn at work without being annoying?

Try to be as factual as possible with achievements. "I did X which will help with Y" or "That X project that I did can help with this problem". I'm okay with adding indefinite details like "X reduced run times significantly", but avoid "I did a great job on X" as that's passing judgement on the action and not presenting facts.

It’s not about tooting my horn. It’s about doing a good job and then directly asking for harder work, more responsibility, new opportunities. Companies need go getters just as much as they need people to silently do the work others might not want to do. Advocating for yourself can keep you doing things you want to do rather than work that just there for anyone to do.

You can toot your horn by consistently going above and beyond what is expected and in service of the team. Humbly let your supervisors know what you accomplish and how it helps the company/team. If what you did is in service to others, they can't deny your value.

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