What kind of developer would Einstein have been?

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For a bit of fun I was thinking what programming language would each of these notable people have learned as their primary language and why:

  • Albert Einstein

  • Mary Shelley

  • Muhammad Ali

Maybe we’ll even learn something about the people or the programming languages in the process.

But don’t take it too seriously.

Let me know what you think in the comments...

(I wanted to say some risqué ones, but decided to play it safe 😂, maybe you could be braver than me with your own ones)

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Albert Einstein would have wanted to use Assembly, so he could focus on the algorithms without having to deal with using other people's work more than necessary. And then he would probably have made his own language, like Alan suggested. Maybe named it Relativity.

Mary Shelley would have coded entirely in C and eschewed all principles of coding style, convention, and good practice in favor of clever hacks and compiler side-effects that somehow worked perfectly, with the deliberate goal of causing other coders to cringe in terror at her source code, yet simultaneously prove that a woman could be more clever than any of her male colleagues.

Muhammad Ali would have used Javascript to build websites, and then claimed to be the most brilliant coder in the history of computers. He also would have ignored all of Holyfield's code review comments and subsequent bug reports.


Hahaha, this is great.

Particularly enjoyed the Muhammad Ali one, 'ignored all of Holyfield's code review comments and subsequent bug' 👏😂

I hope one day someone creates Relativity programming language. Could have special variables for his famous equation.


Albert Einstein would have made his own programming language. I don’t know who Marry Shelley is so I don’t know about her. Muhammad Ali would have used C because he was older but when he was boxing he was super fast for a heavy weight.


Well played Chad. Good thinking 🎯

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