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15 technical and career developer events I loved in 2022

As developers (or...wannabe developers like me πŸ˜‚), we're always learning something new. To be able to continue to learn and grow, we have to be able to ask questions and share knowledge.

I've found developer virtual events and conferences really useful because they allow me to actively engage by asking questions and interacting with the speaker and other developers. Here are the top 15 free on-demand virtual events I attended in 2022 so far. Hope some of these that will help you sharpen your technical skills and boost your career advancement.

I'll also be attending the Developer Growth Summit 2022 β€” I digress, we'll come back to this at the very end. Now, let's take a look at the web development, mobile development, career-growth, and workplace tips dev events I found helpful:

Web development tutorials & live coding virtual events

  1. React with TypeScript: Build a React component together
    When React developers first adopt TypeScript into their projects, it can feel overwhelming. Learn the fundamental concepts of TypeScript and work with TypeScript more confidently through the live coding session. Sylvana @ Codecademy also answered lots of detailed questions about the code and the project.

  2. Intro to JavaScript Asynchronous Programming
    JavaScript asynchronous programming is more than simply using async and await. The more we understand how JavaScript works under the hood, the better we can program and debug issues. Watch the recording and start working with functions, function execution, browser APIS, Web APIs, and more. The on-demand tutorial gives you what you need to start building.

  3. Tools for web developers: Live coding and debugging
    Tools are a developer's best friends. Nick @ Forem (That's! Right here!) shares about why knowing your tools is important as a web developer and demonstrates browser dev tools, in-browser JavaScript and Node.JS debugging tools, and Javascript debugging tools in VS Code. Pick up a few extra tricks for VS Code and GitHub CLI with this one.

  4. Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps
    This beginner-friendly virtual event focuses on why PWAs are great for building app-like, cross-platform projects, the advantages they bring to developers, users, and businesses, and how to start building your PWAs. With PWAs, you can bring native, app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications.

  5. Live code React projects: Build a Twitter activity tracker
    To build a good React app not only requires knowledge of syntax and components, but also workflows, data management, and even APIs of other apps. By building a Twitter activity tracker, you learn how to create new projects with Next.JS in React, work with various data sources and types, and use FaunaDB for data management. Follow along the React tutorial.

Mobile development tutorials & live coding

  1. Functional programming in Kotlin
    What is functional programming? What is a functional language? Whether you're new to Kotlin or want to deepen your knowledge on functional programming, deep dive into extension functions, lamdas, anonymous functions, functional types, trailing lambdas, and more with this on-demand tutorial.

  2. Jetpack Compose: A new world of possibilities for Android
    A well-rounded talk for Android developers, including the history of Android, Jetpack Compose toolkit, and more resources to build declarative UI with. This Android and Kotlin tutorial helps you increase efficiency when developing Android UI.

Career growth virtual events: finding a job

  1. Get hired as a developer: Tips from a Technical Recruiter
    Technical recruiters are trained to look at developer resumes like the way Google does with keywords. Jeff Lam will give you the right tech keywords to put on your resume, all the tools to structure and optimize your personal profile, and the ability to stand out from the crowd.

  2. Tech interviews: Best practices from an Engineering Manager
    Your resume got you in the door. Now comes the interviews. Barrett shares developer interview best-practices and answers questions like: "Does the approach work for self taught developers?", "Do engagements on social media and online community matter?" And even, "how do you leave a job in a tight developer community?"

  3. Getting into tech without a Computer Science degree
    The tech industry is no longer a siloed industry. β€œTech” either plays the central role, a crucial supporting role, or a connecting role nowadays. Going from a microbiologist to a front-end developer & developer advocate, Anita inspires and provides tangible resources for self taught developers to make their first steps successful.

Career growth virtual events: advancing your career

  1. What does an Engineering Manager do and is it for you?
    While Engineering Managers in different organizations might have different responsibilities, the job usually includes people, project, and process management. Dhruv highlights the traits required for individual contributors and engineering managers to help you identify and match your strengths to the right career path.

  2. Women In Tech: Establish and grow your developer career
    How do you establish and grow your career as a woman in a male dominant industry? Before we get to career planning, Erica highlights the whys and hows of finding companies that value diversity and inclusion. The 40-minutes Q&A alone is packed with technical interview tips, industry trends, and career growth advice.

Cross-team collaboration & workplace challenges

  1. How to overcome imposter syndrome in tech
    Whether you've just joined a new company or have been in a company for years already, new challenges will continue to emerge. What if you just can't shake the feeling of being an imposter? Rahul talks about accepting it, reframing your attitude toward discomfort, and asking questions to counter imposter syndrome.

  2. Communication mistakes I made at Google
    Shunyao, a Software Engineer turned Product Manager, shares several anecdotes that made her realize she needed to rethink how she communicates. The interactive virtual event covered mistakes we can all avoid: (1) thinking it's our problem, (2) providing too much or too little relevant context, and (3) turning communications into debates.

  3. Deadlines & estimations: What do I do with them?
    Deadlines and estimations are one of the markers of developer life. But how beneficial are they and how strict should they be? And when we are not in the position to set them, how can we respond to them without sacrificing product quality and our own well-being? See if you agree with the rationale of estimations, common effects of poor estimations, and tips for upward management.

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Want more? Here's a free developer conference πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Developers often attend developer conferences to gain access to tech industry leaders, stay updated on the latest technologies and trends, and learn frameworks and tools to help us grow technically and professionally. Developer Growth Summit 2022 is hosted by Codementor Events. The speakers lineup includes senior developers, VP of engineering, CTOs, and technical CEOs from Netflix, Adobe, Microsoft, and more.

What's cool about DGS2022 is they also invited hosts of popular developer podcasts and YouTube channels. Some of them include Michael Kennedy @ Talk Python to Me, Alexey Grigorev @ DataTalks, and Julien Klepatch, who shares frequently about Web3 on his YouTube channel.

Check out the developer conference if you find it interesting! It's completely free too, so, why not snatch up every opportunity to learn and connect with the dev community?

Hope this article is helpful to you. If you're interested in seeing another round of great developer events and event summaries, let me know in the comment section πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Happy learning folks!

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