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Free curated developer virtual events platform with technical and career events

As someone learning programming, I'm always learning something new. I've realized the to be able to learn, I have to ask questions and share my understandings.

I've found developer virtual events helpful because I'm not passively soaking things up from YouTubers. I'm asking the speakers questions and having discussions with other attendees at the same time. While I'm not a speaker myself, I quite like the brand's tagline for speakers: "Host developer virtual events to help others learn, share your experience, practice your public speaking skills, and grow your personal brand."

What is Codementor Events?

Codementor Events is a developer community and virtual events platform. Codementor Events aims to help developpers learn remotely and grow professionally through attending and hosting events. You can be a Junior Frontend Developer, Data Scientist, Senior DevOps Engineer, or a CTO. Codementor Events has something for everyone.

They offer a wide range of developer-focused technical and career virtual events that are interactive and engaging. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge, helping others learn, and growing your personal brand, they also make it easy for you to host your own event.

Why Codementor Events instead of other platforms?

Attend diverse developer-centered virtual events

Codementor Events saves me a lot of time trying to look for relevant and high quality dev events. The topics are all diverse and well-chosen. Some benefits of using Codementor Events as a dev, or someone in tech, include:

🔎 Find diverse dev-centered events: From live coding sessions to career-related talks, Codementor Events has a wide selection of events to choose from. Learn about languages and frameworks, databases and tools, and processes and technologies in tech events. Or tackle topics like imposter syndrome, engineering resources, and workplace communication in career events. (They're all free too!)

🆓 Learn from speakers all around the world: It's hard to attend conferences and events when they're half way around the globe. With virtual events, all you need is an internet connection to learn from speakers all around the world. When I can't attend live, I just watch the recordings afterwards.

💬 Interact with speakers and other developers: The Q&A sessions can sometimes be a bit short or I might have more questions after the event to share with the speaker. Codementor Events' attendees are engaged and happy to chat outside of the event too.

Present at developer virtual events hassle-free

While I personally haven't hosted any events, Codementor Events makes it easy for you to share your expertise with a global developer audience so you can grow your career while helping others. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran speaker, their services seem to allow you to focus on planning the talk:

⭐️ Bring the audience to you: Want to share your experience with more developers? Not sure who and where to share your events with? Codementor will promote your event to the 500K+ developers in the dev community.

🏃🏼 Handle event logistics: Don’t want to deal with creating event pages, sending reminder emails, and getting feedback from event attendees? Codementor takes care of all of that. All you have to do is to focus on giving the best talk. Not only that, your personal brand will continue to grow organically along with your event page.

💪🏼 Give you all the support you need: A little stuck on your event title? Never spoken at an event before? Worried that you won’t be able to reach someone for support? Their event support team will help you narrow in on a topic, discuss your event flow with you, and offer you all the support and assistance you need.

Learn remotely and grow professionally through virtual events with Codementor Events

From the past events I've attended, Codementor Events are very high quality, and are diverse enough for developers in different niches. Check out Codementor Events and here are some of their upcoming and past events.

Hope these developer virtual events will help you, wherever you are, to grow technically and professionally!

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