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Free Real-World Web Development Projects for All Developers

Web development usually entails building websites on the internet. However, web development technologies can also be used to build mobile apps. Whether you’re an aspiring or junior front end, back end, or full stack developer, building real-world projects is not only one of the best ways to learn and improve your coding skills, but is also crucial for you to build an attractive portfolio to advance your career. But what projects can I work on? Will they be unique enough?

Here’s a list of uniquely designed web development projects for developers of all skill levels from DevProjects:

Beginner-level projects: You will need some basic

Medium-level projects:

  • Daily sleep tracker web app (full stack): Who’s not having sleeping problems these days? Show your full stack abilities by using JavaScript, Java, Node.js, MySQL, Vue, React, HTML/CSS. REST API, and databases to build a sleep tracker!
  • Medicine dose tracker web app (back end/full stack): Need more practice with HTTP methods, authentication and database setup, database connections, and querying databases? This one’s for you. Hone your JavaScript, PHP, Django, MySQL, Python, HTML/CSS, and PostgreSQL skills.
  • Vocabulary memorization website (front end): Help someone ace their GRE by practicing your front end skills, state management, and data comparison. You’ll be using JavaScript, Vue, React, and Angular for the project.
  • Image search gallery (front end): The main focus of this project is to help you get familiar with integrating third-party APIs with user interactions. You’ll be using JavaScript, Vue, React, HTML/CSS, and Angular.
  • Personal YouTube web player (front end): Ever wanted to personalize your YouTube playlist? Learn to capture user inputs, integrate with YouTube’s API, style the web page, and do some simple state management with JavaScript, Vue, React, HTML/CSS and Angular
  • Minimalist web analytics tool (full stack/dev ops): Use JavaScript and Amazon Web Services to build a simple web analytics tool. This will help you understand web analytics and impress your fellow marketing colleagues!
  • Your own personal CRM (full stack): Build a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) app that is used for almost all SaaS applications. Not only will you practice Vue, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB for the project, you’ll also have a better shot at landing a job at any SaaS company!
  • Weekly newsletter summary email (full stack): Annoyed by all the newsletters you receive? Clean up your inbox and get a handle on the basics of serverless development with Python and AWS.
  • Personal website with randomly generated design (full stack/dev ops): Already mastered all the front-end basics? Challenge yourself by building a personal website with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Node.js and practice working with AWS.
  • Globe with rotating animation and country label (full stack): Create a rotating globe with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and D3.js library to show off your animation skills. You’ll need some basic understanding of drawing on canvas or SVG to work on this project!

Hard projects: These are advanced projects that require knowledge of other languages

  • Favorite stocks watcher (full stack): Why rely on other platforms when you can build your own stocks watcher? This project will help you get familiar with Django and React frameworks and, subsequently, Python and JavaScript.

If you’re interested in mobile app developments or other tech stacks that are not found in this list, visit DevProjects, a free community where users can learn programming by building projects. All projects are uniquely written by senior developers and mentors from Codementor to help developers bridge the gap between theory and real-world coding.

Challenge yourself, have some fun, and become a better developer with DevProjects!

👇🏼 Share your favorite project from the list & what other projects you'd like to see in the comment section 👇🏼

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jenniferfu0811 • Edited

Wow, didn't expect so many likes and saves! I'm glad people find this list helpful!
Has anyone taken a glance at the projects?
Which ones are your favorite?