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I just launched https://confs.review, the biggest aggregator of IT conferences. It has a review system and a user-friendly spatial browser.

Share your experience and let others know, which conferences are worth the time and money 👨‍💻

Feedback welcome! 😉

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Love the idea but a lot of con missing specially in Asia. I also feel its not very easy in the left list once you have clicked the event (detailed view with website) you cant press the back arrrow to go back to the list.

can't go back to list


how did you make the cool video bug report ?


Just used the tool called Giphy Capture you can make short 30 second videos and save them either as mp4 or gif.

I find it very practical for showcasing bugs or other visual events.


Great idea, going to have a good look at what's on around my way.

The Typo3 conference jumped out at me, was the first CMS I was exposed to and had no idea it was still a thing! I hated it and ported the site over to Drupal 5, and that's how I got into development. Ah, memories.

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