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Webassembly for C, Rust, Go, and C# in 45 Minutes

jeremylikness profile image Jeremy Likness ⚡️ Originally published at blog.jeremylikness.com ・1 min read

In June of 2019 I presented a 45-minute session about WebAssembly at Refactr.Tech in Atlanta.

In this presentation I reviewed:

  • asm.js
  • WebAssembly
  • Building WebAssembly with C using Emscripten
  • How WebAssembly manages memory
  • Creating WebAssembly apps with Go
  • Compiling Rust to WebAssembly
  • Building fullstack apps in C# using Blazor WebAssembly

This is the full presentation:


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Hi! I am a longtime developer with a passion to empower other developers to be their best. I focus on cloud development and everything related to data access from .NET and .NET Core.


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Very nice talk! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the post. I want to write a WebAssembly in C or C++.