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DEV Monthly Report — March 2018

March was a month of all-time highs. We're excited to see more and more developers not only join, but contribute their thoughts to The DEV Community.

Traffic and community growth: We served 1.42 million sessions in March and now host over 65k registered members. We've also diversified our distribution — a year ago, the majority of traffic came from Twitter. Now, organic has become the most prominent channel. This is an exciting evolution for everyone who contributes.

Onboarding Enhancements: New members are now given a list of recommended folks to follow. We apologize for the confusion that this change initially caused, and wrote more about the feature here. We'll be working across the platform to make the "follow users" functionality more prominent and helpful.

Digest Emails: Based on the tags and people you follow, we started sending out digest emails with recommended reading. This was created for those of you who primarily interact with us via email and want to stay up-to-date with certain topics.

International Women's Day: Our favorite day of the year where people from the community shared their stories and advice. We celebrated by highlighting articles from women all over and across social. Thanks everyone for either participating or sharing. Check out the #SheCoded tag to see some of the amazing submissions.

Moderation tools: this is not user facing so we didn't write a changelog but we've made solid improvements to our moderation tools and process. We haven't had any big issues arise, but we're always trying to think ahead. In March, we also got a bit better at detecting potential spam accounts.

Open source: We're taking this slow and steady but we've invited a few people to the codebase to help us review everything. Shout out to Nick Taylor for being the first community member to submit a PR! If you're interested in contributing, please fill out this form. We are still being gradual with this process so you may not get a quick response.

Events: We've completed our second month of live streams and are the midst of uploading all the videos to share with you all. If you'd like to give a talk or workshop, here are the details.

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paullaudeman profile image
Paul Laudeman

This has quickly become one of my favorite developer sites to go to on the web. Keep up the great work, and thanks!!!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

It was a great month and April's already keeping the momentum going.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Thanks for the shout out @jess ! Looking forward to contributing more this month.