Getting My Dev Environment Set Up Again: My Day in Dependency Hell

Jess Lee on March 30, 2017

The day before I started General Assembly's Web Development Immersive, our cohort had a mandatory ‘installfest' pizza party. Bright eyed students... [Read Full]
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I'm a relatively new dev and have only set up my environment a few times, so it feels useful to read through your process - if only to have a refresher without the pain of actually doing it. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

On a completely separate topic - Jess & Ben, would you consider adding dates/times to the comments? being pretty new, it may not seem obviously useful right now. But, as the site becomes populated, it'll be useful in some cases, at least, to compare post dates for different yet related contributions.


Hey @msyvr ! We've added date/time to our backlog. You can follow along on the progress here :)


I feel your pain. Still feeling it.
Also thought sr devs would help me solve install issue probs. But unless your explanation skills for debugging are good (so rare :( ), you just ish feel this way for your first (3-5!?) yrs of coding.
Still feeling it...


One way I've found that has proved helpful in situations like this is to try and create an "environment setup guide" as you go, so you can document your understanding of the setup process and ask for feedback as you get stuck.

This will also help future developers on your team that can now reference your document and update/fix it as they stumble across issues.

My team has even gone so far as to put those guides under source control so there's a history of edits. This way, if someone is confused by a step in the process, they can see who added/last changed it and can approach that person with their question.


I would not say it’s rbenv issue, it’s a plain MacOS issue. This OS installs and enables system-wide ruby (which is required by it’s internal scripts.) I have never had/heard about any issues with rbenv/rvm on Linux machines.


Have you tried RVM -vs- rbenv? It may not get the best press in the blogs, but it's always provided a consistent workspace across multiple versions of Rubies and Gemsets, in my experience.


My relationship with RVM is that it works for me and I haven't ever really considered switching, but almost everyone seems to recommend rbenv, so I don't try to pull people away from that because I don't have a strong opinion one way or another.


I haven't tried RVM but Ben actually uses it so I've mostly heard the good sides!

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