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How does your company handle salary negotiation?

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Ryosuke • Edited

When I asked for a raise at one of the last companies I worked at, they asked me to write down my expenses for month, and then proceeded to pay me 70% of the that.

When I asked for more during the conversation (you know, cause I gotta live), they gave me an ultimatum: Sign a contract to dismantle my own personal brands and I'd get the additional 30%. Needless to say, I don't work at that company anymore.

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Ben Halpern

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Anthony Bouvier

This is now my favorite gif.

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Wilbur Powery

Jesus! How long were you there?

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About 6 months. I was hired and had the company fly me out to California and help me secure housing. Which was why a raise was so important. They picked my apartment and then set my pay below the rent + utilities. Not to mention living expenses like food, phone, internet, etc. And don't get me started on the location, it was in the middle of nowhere so it took 2.5hrs to drive to LA anytime I wanted to do anything.

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Massimo Artizzu

I work at a small company (~40 people) and... well, the first time I gently proposed to get a raise and my boss very well agreed that I deserved more.

The second time, he told me that I deserved a raise! πŸ˜…
I was going to discuss my salary again, but I've been preempted. Such a nice surprise!

These are things that make your employees happy to stay and work for you.

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I'm guessing most large companies, is 3000 a large company?, with multiple teams have something similar.
We have a Review Request form where you enter how much you want and make your case why you deserve it. Then they talk to everyone higher up on the project to get feedback maybe you have a tech review with someone on a different team. The process normally takes a few weeks.
There was only one time I didn't get the amount I asked for and they said it was because they didn't have significant proof of my skills increase and they'd review again in 3 months which they did and gave what I had originally asked for.

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Donald Merand

My experience has been very straightforward - I wait until about a year after I've been doing more work than my pay grade, then make my case + get a raise every time.

But I'm sensitive to falling in the "most privileged possible person" category (cis able-bodied young white male) on this, and would really love to read some comments from people from other backgrounds!

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Felipe Sarabia

A client I worked at as a contractor tried to "promote" me as a full-time employee for half the price, rejected their "offer" twice for the same reason