What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


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First week at DEV πŸŽ‰πŸš€

Huge thanks to everyone on the DEV team that I've worked with so far for making it a great experience!


I am agree with Jacob. Joincing to this community was very plesant and encouraged event of my week.


I created an account and first post here
I did my first PR for Hacktoberfest and it was merged
Started getting back into the groove of reading
Sent an email I was nervous about

  • Crushed a proposal
  • Blogged on Dev a couple times
  • Ate (more) healthy (than usual)
  • Got some exercise for once
  • Did a PR for hacktoberfest (3 to go)

It was this big 'ol thing.

Implement datamodel #41

  • Added components/CaseTable.js which manages the dominant view (using React useContext)
  • Added layout cruft to components/bodyview.js
  • Added contexts/casecontroller.js responsible for global app state (!!) including pre-initialized context provider
  • Added Material-UI helper components (e.g. CssBaseline) per best practices
  • Moved SSoT JSON files to static for now
  • TODO: reinstate nav.js
  • TODO: improve linting workflow

rfj_expungement is a tool being developed at Code For DC to help pro-bono (volunteer) lawyers. Rising for Justice holds clinics in Washington, DC where they help people navigate the surprisingly Byzantine process to clear their criminal records. If you have a criminal record (at least in the US) it can make it harder to get housing, a job, services, and more.

The PR is meant to clean up the repo following the National Day of Civic Hacking, where we had a bunch of great contributors.

  • Got new contributors to my project!
  • got a hacktoberfest PR done!
  • Been stuck on the same API oddity since wednesday! (at least it keeps me busy)
  • Got a big component of my app done!
  • Reorganized all my code!

Its a open source voice assistant for android.


Started posting on DEV and quite impressed with the whole platform.

I hadn't realized how much progress it has made since the "Medium for developers" days. There are so many little pieces of polish that end up encouraging discussion and interaction rather than the Medium-style wall of text.

The thing it actually reminds me of most is forums that I used back in high school. I have really fond memories of those and something has been lost between the distraction of Facebook, the real-time barrage of Slack, and the dopamine of Twitter.

Still getting used to the editor. I think I actually like it more than the Quora/Medium/WordPress editors but there are some little technical snafus I have had and still figuring out my workflow.


Hey about the editor part, for writing posts I’m using bear for macOS and iOS. I can really recommend it! Pro version is not so expensive ;)


I finally broke 200lbs. Numbers shouldn’t mean anything in terms of weight loss as it’s really about reducing your fat, but it was a goal I had set anyways. I did not measure my fat reduction during this period, but I can tell just by looking in the mirror and how my clothes fit, I’ve definitely lost a few slabs of bacon.

I’ve generally been active, but a few bad injuries including a calf tear last fall lead to the weight gain. It was a bit rough at the beginning as I was coming off an injury that took a while to heal, but busting my butt at the gym, sleeping more and eating less (not starving) got me here. No I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me. πŸ’ͺπŸ’₯

Nick’s weight loss chart

All that to say, I’m starting to look more like this university pic minus the scary shaved head LOL.

  • Hacktoberfest done βœ“
  • Modified a future version of the website of one of my projects
  • Advanced to my main blog with Ruby On Rails
  • Put a bot back in place specially for Halloween and clean his code βœ“
  • Clean my Raspberry Pi (Reinstallation of Raspbian and Pi-hole) βœ“


This week I finished working on jamstack.systems.

JAMstack.systems is the presentation about fast, secure and dynamic sites built with JavaScript, APIs, and prerendered Markup, served without web servers.

Check it out


After lot's of hemming & hawing, I finally launched a newsletter in.snippets() where I share notes for articles that I read on a daily basis. :D

If you would like to get short TL;DRs of some of the best articles, sign up here!


We shipped a free web app that shows you how much time you have for deep work and how much time you spend in meetings (dev.to/bwb/deep-work-stats-how-muc...). That is about 2.5 months of work there so awesome to ship it!

And, we got featured on HackerNews / ProductHunt which was awesome :)

And, so happy to not be messing with Calendar APIs for a while now :)


We have launched NHL live translations at our service, I was responsible of making proper performance testing and setting all the necessary protection mechanisms in case of extremely big load and we're doing great so far.


I did my first online video talk.

My video didn't work (only desktop sharing) and I got a classical Linux permission problem (which I solved in the end) but overall I think it worked out great. πŸ™ƒ


I did my first online talk this week too! Congrats!


Just gave a talk this morning at PyCon Balkan! I was suuuper excited but also a bit scared.


I decided to try keeping a journal again. I tried keeping a bullet journal earlier this year, but gave up on it. I think I was trying to do too much with it. This one is going to be for coding only, inspired by the recent series on keeping a coding journal.

I finished one coding challenge on exercism.com (waiting on feedback still) and my 5th one on hackerrank.com, all of them in 'C'.


Google Search result showing my repo first page with "react typescript 2019" search words πŸ€–

I'm still maintaining/improving little by little, but I got a more motivation for new visitors and beyond 2020!! πŸš€πŸ”₯




We launched the alpha version of the new UI. This is my first product launch at my first dev job. Been a 6 month haul to get here, and I’m feeling pretty good.


I started a series of SQL challenges this week, and I'm posting them one day at a time here on DEV. It's been a lot of fun. The SQL tag doesn't get a ton of traffic, but I hope I can be a part of helping it grow!


I've made a demonstration in front of the whole company (70 people) of the new android app that replaces our old desktop gui to configure our exoskeleton via bluetooth.

We've been working on it for several months so I'm really happy to see the end of the tunnel!

It worked well there were no bugs so I'm really relieved!


A massive improvement that I worked on for 2-3 weeks was deployed to production this monday.

We managed to reduce the amount of unused CSS that we are shipping to our customers. These changes included 2 major pages with different CSS files. One was reduced by roughly 50% (~400KB uncompressed CSS) and the other one by around 66% (~1MB uncompressed CSS).🀯

Yesterday I pulled up Google Lighthouse scores from before and after the release. And the results were just super satisfying. ☺️

Sidenote... Also I'm now a Senior Software Engineer. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Started my new 100% remote gig on Monday. Days one through three were a little overwhelming, but things started to click a little by Thursday. Completed one story on Thursday and merged into the release branch. Finished story number two today, will be merging Monday morning!

  • updated Gwion's plugins.
  • Did some fuzzing and fixed found bugs.
  • Cleaned code a lot
  • Finally fixed that annoying fail on OSX.

Not exactly my achievement I guess, but... thanks to this amazing community, I got contributions to my Open Source project (worked the last few years alone on the project). So for me, it's still unbelievable :-)

  • Finished an article I was working on
  • published two new videos!
  • Submitted PR for apollo-graphql!

Got an offer from a company I've been looking at for awhile, feels good to be moving upward!


After a year of conference abstinence to recover from a rough time for my business, I'm finally back on the conference circuit! I got invited to do a full 1h presentation about burnout and resilience at WordCamp Dublin in two weeks. Mental health is such an important topic, and I'm more than happy to share my experience. After that, I'll do the same talk in front of the huge DrupalCon Amsterdam crowd!


I got to know about, and used Policies in Chrome, Chromium and Firefox.
It is especially for administrative purposes and lets you control lot of things like homepage, startup page, blocked websites and so on.
No offense to Firefox, but I also felt that Chrome and Chromium provide better developer experience.
Here's a list of Policies in Chromium.


I went to Techorama in the Netherlands and had a great time!

Last year I had a major panic attack and ended up curled up against a wall in tears

This year, even with a few near misses with anxiety, I had the courage to speak to the closing keynote speaker before I left

What a difference a year of therapy makes!


I started my new job as a WordPress and Web Developer!

It's a career change for me and came after 18 months of unemployment (I was downsized). Oh, and I'm 50 so don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it!

  • Started learning Flask. So far, so good. I like it because it feels more Pythonic than Django (especially when I use CBV instead of FBV), but SQLAlchemy is a bit strange for me. I believe I love Django a lot but Flask isn't half as bad as I thought.
  • I recorded two videos for my YT channel. One, that points to a live (updated frequently) post called Free learning resources for programmers, and a +20 min one that explains a Python automation program I wrote. I added a lot of visual adds, animations and more and I'm happy with the result (I still have a long way to become 'decent' at this but I like what I did).
  • Monday was the day I had more visitors than ever on my blog (76) and the second one in pages viewed (106).
  • I started tutoring a junior dev too at my job, by teaching him the basics of Vue. I liked it a lot and I feel like I pushed him forward hours, if not days, in his learning.

I started my journey to machine learning πŸ₯³ MAybe I'll write something in the next weeks. It seems hard when you start and especially when you're not so good at maths but Google has some great resources for beginners (developers.google.com/machine-lear...). I'd love to be one of these programmers who can create amazing things like face recognition. Wish me luck πŸ€


I petted a dog a posted some articles to DEV.TO :D

  • I was interviewed for a Podcast
  • Launched a large campaign at work
  • Project week!

I’ve published my first article about Swift memory management, and motivated by response I wrote second article and it’s already published! Thank you dev community for warm welcome!


I added continuous delivery to my Gatsby site! It's hosted on S3, and I used AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild to automate the build+deploy process. The best part is that it was surprisingly easy!


First tech talk at a local meet-up went well πŸ‘πŸ‘


I was a special guest on a podcast. This is my first podcast appearance and I'm pretty thrilled about it. Episode dropping next Tuesday. πŸŽ‰


Friday was my birthday and finally finished a Machine Learn with Python class!!!


*Wrote a technical tutorial on setting up Craft on Heroku for Dev.to
*Wrote a LinkedIn post about remote work and Tim Ferriss
*Got my LinkedIn post shared with a remote work community :)


Got my first PR to an existing open source. Feels so good :v


Getting some awesome contributors on my project for hacktoberfest. I'm so lucky


Get extra payments/bonus of things that a love doing. πŸ€—

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