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Stop Using Short Hand Autocomplete

This is just a simple plea to IDE builders.

Visual Studio provides quick help to generate code. For example if you inherent from an interface the IDE can generate methods which throw a not implemented exception.

This generative auto complete is there to get you started to build the implementation.

Well C# provides a short hand => operator to implement short method bodies. Great feature.

public class M : IFoo
    public string Bar() => throw new NotImplementedException();
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The point of this short hand is so I don't need to write down so much for a simple return.

The point of code generating is so I don't need to write down all the expected structure. If you generate the simple thing, you aren't doing your job. I have to convert all those arrows into bodies so I can actually implement the methods rather then claim I didn't implement them.

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Jesse Phillips

I should give more context. I'm a vim user so a well defined body is easy to change.




The arrow does not allow for me to specify a motion.