Devs working in agencies, what's your current tech stack?

jessydmd profile image Jessy ・1 min read

What technologies do your team use on corporate websites or similar projects for bigger clients?


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Sometimes it really depends on the clients needs, currently we're using Next, Contentful and GraphQl which has been a great project so far. Our clients seem to be requesting AMP now because of projects we've done in the past with it, which isn't the most exciting truth be told.


So you use Contentful as your backend? I've looked into it, but it looked fairly expensive for clients that needed a couple user roles.


yeah, it gets pretty expensive quickly. However, the customization is really really nice.


Django for the backend, Wagtail for the CMS and VueJS for the front


I'm currently learning Wagtail. It's blowing my mind hahaha


We use ASP.NET Core as backend and Angular or Razor MVC as Frontend.