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Looking for an iOS developer (Any experience level)

jimjimmitythejim profile image jimjimmitythejim ・1 min read

Looking to hire or share equity with an iOS developer interested in helping make a live-streaming/social media platform as a part of our startup, Good Vibrations. Contact me at (216) 308-4923 or if interested. Thanks.

Our movement is rooted in an online platform consisting of hosted gatherings (e.g., worldwide prayers, meditations, debates, etc.), direct connection to services for living a better life, and user content as unbiased and uncensored as possible. It is a place where you can nourish your soul with the growth that comes physically, mentally, and spiritually when someone wants to reach happiness, and others from all walks of life are there to support that journey.

In contrast to current platforms—which in fact are serious perpetrators of unhappiness and derision—Good Vibrations is set up in such a way to prevent echo chambers while still generating communities of like-minded individuals. Perhaps most importantly, the stance of the platform’s content implicitly expected by its users is commitment to what is good. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google could not make such a platform. It is only possible because the managers of Good Vibrations are unconditionally committed to good and respect for the individual.

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🦄N B🛡

There's been some good research, lately, on preventing Echo Chambers and the usual Circle Jerk mentality in Taiwan. The results of the g0v project might interest you.

As far as the iOS dev, I'll ask around, but you might have to make a listing instead.

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