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A month down...

jimny profile image James Nyagatare ・2 min read


It’s been a month at task-force, this week was as interesting as the past ones.

I gained a lot of experience and skills this week, starting the week with a team building session was fun, it was more like a warm up for the whole week. After a few, Lionel reached out to us (interns), telling us we will be working on projects of our preference. I was very excited because I took the opportunity and applied most of the skills I have gained in past weeks, me and my partner Issa we tried our best to find out the problems the community may be facing right away, we came up with two options which we later on used our critical thinking skills to decide the one we have to implement. After deciding the idea, we designed a sprint with stories of features to implement using the project management skills we gained in the last week then we started coding the features for the rest of the week.

This week, we talked about the do’s and don’ts in remote communication. I really enjoyed the session personally because most of the time I have been working remotely since I came in software engineering. I found there were mistakes without having a clue.

We have had an interesting session with Olaf teaching us about design thinking even though the whole team seemed not focused due to the ongoing projects but I really enjoyed the session, as a software engineer I have to put myself into the client’s shoes and use different personas to deliver solutions of the best quality and keep testing them.

In my career I have been looking for a challenging place to help me grow my career, I found it, it’s with Code Of Africa and Awesomity Lab. Looking forward to more challenges, experience and skills in the coming weeks.

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