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How do you decide when to share an app idea?

I've been pretty quiet on here so far this year. I mean to do a post a week and then I went through moving, I got a job within a week, I explored the area a bit, I got furloughed and I've been writing a lot more on my lifestyle blog and I've even started doing YouTube. But my favorite thing I've started is to learn Android App development and I've decided to create my own app.

I feel like one of those frat boys that comes up to you and is like "I got an idea for an app. Can you make it?" Except it's me all the way. And that's a pretty amazing feeling. Granted, I know I'll need help along the way.

However, I've been debating whether or not to share it. I'm in the very beginning stages of gathering information and designing before I start coding.

On one hand I'd love to be able to talk to people about it and share and it'd be a lot of content creation. On the other hand I'm kind of worried someone will decide to code it faster and get it in the app store and I'll have to redo the design or functionality.

I think part of it is that I like hiding all the work I do and then shocking people when I show them what I've done and I'm trying to battle that and show the process to encourage other people to start learning how to code and to get experience from more advanced developers.

I think what I will be doing is writing up posts and sharing after I've gotten past a certain point that will be decided in the future.

When do you start sharing?

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Richard Schloss

I think the best time to share it is after I have a proof of concept with my name on it. It helps to have something tangible that another person can see and grasp, but at the same time, protect my idea from being stolen.

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So once I have a mock-up done and do a watermark of my name?
That makes sense!

This is the first time I'm doing a legit plan of what to make it look like. I normally just wing it.... but I finally found a free software to use.