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 🐀πŸ₯‡ Jasper de Jager
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Here goes nothing

Learning new things is great and definitely one of the top tools of a (good) developer. Keeping up with the fast moving world of software, never stop learning, and most of all keep getting surprised by the creativity of others (and yourself) just feels great! So I decided I want to share more of my knowledge so I can also inspire others and thus add to the awesomeness that is development.

In my job as a developer I do a lot of research, I like being the expert on stuff and start to glow when someone comes to me with questions on those subjects. We all know how great it feels to fully understand how a framework or technique is supposed to work (probably defining the same code as amateurish months/years later). And yes I really hope that one day I'll look back at this article and think, what was I doing! Because that will mean I have learned something new.

The topics I'm currently interested in are Typescript, Angular, NGRX and RXJS and in my next post I’ll be sharing my creative insights on any one of those. Hopefully inspiring others but mostly for learning from it myself.

Maybe someone will read this, maybe not, and that’s ok. At least I tried and learned from it. Please feel free to share your latest surprise in the awesome world of development so I can enjoy it with you.

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