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Kotlin monthly wrap-up: July 2021

Hi, I'm Jean-Michel, a Kotlin fan like you! At the end of each month, I'll be showcasing some great posts, projects and insights from the Kotlin community, right here on


Among the popular articles of the months, here are those I've read and can recommend:

How to get started with Android App Development? Rohit Kumar provides beginners with a roadmap of what to learn. Spoiler alert: there is a lot!

Next, there is my article who encourages you to write command-line tools to automate your workflow, but to make sure you use your favorite programming language, not Bash! Be sure to check my starter project for CLI tools in Kotlin multiplatform.

Lists are the bread and butter of programming with Kotlin. Do you think you master them? Sebastian Aigner comes back with an article and YouTube episode to explore what you may not know yet.

Finally, Christy Jacob presents what's new in Appwrite, an ambitious open-source alternative to Firebase in active development. That includes a Kotlin SDK both for Android and for server-side.

That's all for this month!

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Thanks for considering my Blog

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Helen Anderson

Nice post! Thanks for pulling it together for Kotlin fans :)