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Jessica Chambers
Jessica Chambers

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2020: Bringing in a New Decade

In 2017, I wasn’t a goal-oriented person or at least I didn’t think about goals the way I do now. This year, I started using Google Calendar and Notion to get my ideas together and plan them out.

2019 was a year where I evaluated my life and decisions. My goals from 2018 were clear but not well planned. I fell short of a lot of goals and some I didn’t even try at all. I have a list of ideas and things that I want to do. So 2020 will be the year.

Like I did last year, I listed out the project ideas, blog posts, future reading list that I want to do in 2020 using Notion and my BUJO.

Successful Goals

  1. Drink More Water — I think it was 60% increase
  2. Read More — 15 Books completed, 20 Books picked up
  3. Portfolio Redesigned — It looks better

Try Again, Maybe Not

  1. Japanese — I know very few words and Kanji is hard
  2. Blog — I few off with the posts
  3. Coding — No huge projects / not consistent
  4. Mediation — Found out I hated it

My Top Blog Posts

Overall, my blog posts have gotten a lot of views over the past year. This has encouraged me to write more posts for 2020.

Favorite Apps

  1. YouTube — The New TV
  2. Minecraft — Infinite fun
  3. Call of Duty Mobile -- Come on, it’s COD!!
  4. Notion — Productivity and Organization
  5. Google Keep & Tasks -- A must for quick notes and to-dos
  6. Google Calendar -- It’s keeping on top of dates
  7. Libby — The library app
  8. Musi — Still better than Pandora and YouTube
  9. Spotify -- They get me better than Tidal and YouTube
  10. Amazon -- Unfortunately, I’ve been looking at future purchases
  11. Pinterest -- Just because of the endless ideas

There are apps from last year that I do not use anymore. Either they have been replaced are no longer used. I have also let go of Facebook and Snapchat completely and I have spent less time on Twitter and Instagram. I use Twitter to communicate with the outside world and Instagram for seeing what people create. No more endless scrolling for me.

I have stop using Asana and completely moved to Notion. Notion has risen as the all in one app for productivity and project management.

2019 vs 2020


Goal: JavaScript applications and Backend

My goal for 2019 was to get into backend, but as I slowly realized that my laptop was starting to put me down. Doing the basics front-end was too much. So learning backend was put on hold and still will be on hold. I just started using React. I want to use the first 6 months creating React projects. I also want to get into web design more by using Figma.

Blogging and Social Media

2019 Goal:

I just want to do more. I want a minimum of 1 post a month. I want to share images and videos of the websites that I create.

2020 goal will not change much. There will just be more to share. Before the year is up, I will come up with blogs for the year.

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