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2021: Going Forward

jmspace profile image Jessica Chambers Originally published at Medium on ・3 min read

2020 did not leave a good impression on people. But what 2020 did was make me think more about than what I usually would about.

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What can I do this year that was different from last year?

I want to take my blog to the next level, which will include starting a YouTube channel. I want to be able to give more than just words for my ideas. I want to put my ideas in video format. I have been thinking about this for years now. It seems like a good year to put it into action.

I want to write more technical blogs and I want to write blogs that have research to back it. Instead of just writing solely based on my experience, I want to add in other people’s experiences also.

Sharing my Design Process and Web Dev Process

Last year, I stopped coding. But I did do a lot of designing. So this year, I want to establish a working process. Taking a project and from start to finish document the process. This way I can show how it’s done and have my process clear for myself. I don’t think that I follow a procedure when it comes to making web designs and sites. But it’s nice to know what type of process that I have.

Personal Journal

Remembering the things that happen this year and for the future years to come. I just want a recount of the year to look back on.

Reading Journal

I already have a way to track what books I read. Now I want to give some details about the books I read. Sometimes, I look at a title and wonder what was this book about. Like really, what did I read here. So I am going to keep a log of what I read. As time goes on, I want to get more detailed in what I write. For now, I just have a summary every few days of what I read.

Reading Goal this year is 10 books. There are no specific books that I want to read, just whatever I find available and interested in. I don’t buy books by the way. I use Hoopla through my library because the library is still closed.

2020 Goals and Accomplishments

I posted a blog post every month. A lot of them actually did well, too. They got a good number of views and even a few claps. So if you read my posts regularly, let me know in the comments, and thanks.

Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

2020 — The Pandemic

My year didn’t change much. The only thing I have not done is gone into a restaurant and ate inside and seen family like we usually do on holidays and random weekends out of the year. The only people I saw outside of my house were my nieces and nephews and sister. I only see them because I have to take my niece to work. No parties, no social gatherings, nothing. I brought food from the store and went back home.

If you are still living your life like it’s March 2020, thank you. But if you are just not giving a damn… Be safe out there and wear a mask!!

Did you accomplish anything in 2020? Did 2020 make you reevaluate your life? What are you planning in 2021?

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