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Jessica Chambers
Jessica Chambers

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Why I Started 30 Days 30 Sites…Again

What is 30 Days 30 Sites?

30 Days 30 Sites is a challenge to complete a webpage each day for 30 days. I received an email each day with a prompt to create a site. Click the link below if you want to give it a try.

30 Days 30 Sites Sign Up

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The First Go Around

I did not complete this challenge in 30 days and I did not complete this 30 sites. In the first 5 prompts, I completed them in a day. Then there were other things that I wanted to do with the sites that I had no clue how to do. I wanted to do a different layout for each site. I didn’t want it to be just a square layout. I wanted to put more into the design aspect of the sites. So it would take more than just a day worth of coding to put these together. I expanded to 2 to 3 days instead of one.

Then I ran out of creative juice and motivation. I got to day 20 and stopped. I didn’t want to do this anymore. I wanted to learn more and do more tutorials. I was in about a month of learning when I found 30 Days 30 Sites. Then I went to do more tutorials and worked on Free Code Camp more.

The Second Attempt

This year, I decided that I hated how the home page that I created looks. It was also made with Bootstrap, which then was easier to do than to figure it out with other ways. Flexbox and CSS Grid were unheard of to me at the time. The colors are awful and I did not fill in any information. It is just lorem text on the list page. So I will be working on fixing and redesigning web pages. Once I’m done with that, I will fix the list and home page.

Wire frame for redesign homepage

Potential layout for list of sites

Second option for layout of lists

Another thing that I am realizing as I go through the HTML and CSS files is how unorganized the code is written. It’s kind of confusing going through the HTML file and try to figure out why certain classes have the names that were chosen. The CSS file is just a mess. I did not put it in any kind of order. I usually do tags at the top and as classes and ids as they appear in the HTML file. I try to keep the order so when I need to look for one in the other file, I know where to find it.

The goal this round is to finish all the 30 sites. There is no time limit for any given site, but finishing within a week would be nice.

Here’s the current link to the live site, so you can see how bad it looks. Leave some feedback in the comments, if you look at the site.

30 Days 30 Sites

GitHub logo j14chambers / 30days30sites

Part of the 30 Days 30 Sites Challenge. Create a webpage or website each day.

P.S. The links on the home page do not work, so click on view all to see any of the sites.

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