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Then... What the Senior Engineers do?

Well, they code... When it's possible, of course.

But the focus is to list some required tasks, and let you find if to be a Senior is your next job of dreams.

I found mainly three types of specialization in several companies:

  • The Problem Solver:

    • As a Senior, you'll use the experience in several projects to solve daily challenges, looking for the product and environment requirements.
  • The Tech Lead:

    • In this case, your experience will help the product performance, team communication and technical decisions.
  • The Teacher:

    • Some companies in a fast growth process uses the Senior experience to improve the new workers, helping a common knowledge and a culture.

There are other specializations, but it's distributed mainly in technology, people or business.

Important to know: You DON'T need to be a solver, a tech lead and a teacher at same time. But you need to try to investigate your next job about what is expected from you. Don't enter in a company only for money, it's important to be happy also.

But, if you need to grow, but to be Senior is not exactly your dream? You can prepare a new career as a Product Owner (business), an Architect (technology), a Scrum Master (people), etc. Try to identify what area move your head, and go.

Let's talk about it?

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