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Do you want to be my friend?

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I am not certain if this is an appropriate question for and apologize if it isn't.

I am a webdeveloper by heart in the broadest sense of the word and even though I love everything about it, being a developer is a lonely existence. At least it is for me. I can not talk to friends or family about 99% of the things I am passionate about. They have no idea what I am talking about and don't care to find out. (I don't blame them) I have many questions during the day (and night) and every now and then I got some answers too. Any type of intelligent feedback or dialogue is very welcome in my life.

If you are a developer and know what I am talking about then by all means feel free to find me on Facebook or add Skype: jochem.stoel

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I had very few dev friends when I started and it's a journey to get to this point, but from the beginning I wanted it to be a place to make friends with like-minded folks.

I have many questions during the day (and night) and every now and then I got some answers too. Any type of intelligent feedback or dialogue is very welcome in my life.

Our mindset is that we'd rather eventually solve the problem the right way than rush to build a crappy thing with unintended consequences, so that's why we haven't rushed to create a thing that addresses this straight on.

That is to say, this is an appropriate question in spirit. I've added you on Facebook but I don't use Facebook that much. I'd love if our community could be a way for folks to create authentic, healthy friendships with other developers across the world.


I've lived where you live for most of my career. I worked solo projects for the larger part of it. It's depressing when you have nobody to learn from or express frustrations about "that code that won't compile" or "that bug I can't find". I remember it especially at particular jobs. You would think as an introvert that it would suit me, but it is a felt absence to be unable to share such a big part of my life with anyone. So I understand. I don't use FB or skype. Maybe there's a gitter for a tech you have questions in?


Do you use Discord or any other platform?


We have Slack for our team, but that's about it. If you have a particular platform you use, I could meet up with you there. Here's an old app I made. My email is on that page.

Oh yeah, on Google Hangouts too.


Hey pal !

It's so frustrating to keep for ourselves our passion and what makes us vibrate. I completely agree with this feeling, and I would really like to speak with you, unfortunately I don't have Facebook, only Telegram, LinkedIn or e-mail, but I hope we will contact me soon !
( + one extra follower on DEV.TO :D)


I Jochem!

I would love to talk about dev with you but I don't have skype or facebook... But if you're ok to use Discord, feel free to add me : Sylve007#3075. It's a very good tchat for developers because it supports code snippets and all that stuff and it doesn't have a limit of message (wink wink Slackbot).

To anyone else, feel free come to tchat with me/us too! :)


That is a brave and very honest thing you ask there. I must admit I was a bit surprised to see the headline but your explanation makes sense and I can totally relate to that.

You got yourself a new follower at DEV.TO :)

(I don't use skype and I try to minimize my time spent on facebook)


I would love a friend to talk about dev stuff or collaborate on an open source project together.

Anyway, I send you a friend request on Facebook.


I get where you're coming from, it's not easy to find people who share your passion for something. What you also could do, is attending conferences/meetups, there are lots of like-minded people to talk to.

Unfortunately I don't use Facebook or Skype – only Discord, Telegram, good old emails and I also got Twitter.

You got a new follower on though. :)


Stephanie, thanks for your response. Not a bad idea to go to conferences/meetups more often. I spoke at some a couple of years ago but that's all.

Sorry for my late response. I have Discord these days. If you still want to, my Discord username is jochemstoel#7529


Yeah, I face same problem when I firstly started too going to meet-ups help me you should try it.

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