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Yet Another Coronavirus Dashboard

joeattardi profile image Joe Attardi twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

I've joined countless others in creating a Coronavirus data dashboard using React. So far it's pretty bare bones. I'm planning on adding more but I thought I'd share what I built so far.

You can see the dashboard here:

You can see the code here:

I plan on adding more content soon. Next on my list is historical data charts, and maybe a map later on.

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I would suggest implementing some kind of clustering for table items since it's a bit render extensive with that amount of rows, and for lower spec devices might be laggy.

Other than that - great work


Thank you for the feedback! Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by clustering?



I think two scrollbars is not a good idea, especially when one of them lets you scroll only 30px (the main one) :)


I’m not seeing the 30px scroll bar, maybe you have a lower resolution and the table doesn’t fit. What resolution are you running at?


Hm, weird, looks like the entire table fits in your viewport because I see the bottom border of the table.

Looks like it might be an issue with the footer CSS. What browser are you using?



I don't know if I can do this but please educate me as I am new here. 😊

Here's my version, very basic and amateurish and I would appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback 😇



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