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I find this a bad way to approach but it sure is an interesting one.

It always depends on why the client is not paying and perhaps understanding that and giving them some timeframe that they need to pay has always worked for me. The above method perhaps you will never get your money.


I actually did something like this while freelancing desktop apps and it worked.

I knew that the guy was shady and a bad reputation, and there were no legal contracts. My luck is that the app was an invoice one so I used the local date and made that version a trial basically.

The guy never pay, never called but an insider friend said that my trial worked, they started using my app and after a month they were cursing 😁

Programming as a teenager ..fun old times


Mostly yes.

But I think its a nice bitter revenge.

I can't wait for to see screenshots on /r/choosingbeggers


Why (days_late*100/days_deadline)/100 and not days_late/days_deadline?


Was posted in our slack yesterday I think, hilarious thing, I do feel a bit compelled to try it out in some project! ;P


I actually really like this approach. It's a lot less harsh than my usual "no communication, no payment within two weeks of completion, then your site is gone" approach.