Let's make a DEV.to CLI... together

JavaScript Joel on October 15, 2018

For hacktoberfest I'm gonna make a CLI for DEV.to... Let's make it together! This is meant to be a follow along type tutorial... so follow along... [Read Full]
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Looks awesome! :) Anyway why does dev.to not have an API?


Thanks! Hopefully (if you went through the tutorial) you had fun!

And I'd love to know the answer to that as well!


Good stuff, Joe! Very functional! ✅

Now let me change a couple of selectors by sending Dev.to a PR #JustKidding 🤣


haha fortunately I have the files I needed downloaded to the repo. so you can always run it in dev mode to remember how it used to look before the breaking changes :D


Thanks Andy. Hopefully this tutorial is fun a one. There's something in it for everyone to learn :)



Looks great, I still haven't fully wrapped my head around it but very impressive. Definitely a good way to get people into Mojiscript 🙂

Functional languages are so different than imperative languages that you have no base to reference it from. It can feel like learning to program from scratch.

Learning functional concepts one article at a time, might also be difficult because you won't understand the reason you do X, until you also understand Y. So it's easy to understand the code, but not understand the why.

I'm going to be creating a bunch of functional programming articles that will attempt to solve these issues.

But I also think just diving into a fully functional language like MojiScript will be much faster than trying to comprehend what the hell a Monad is.



Wow! Nice work! There's so much here!

Thanks for putting this together :)


Looking forward to hearing your feedback after going through it :)


I enjoyed making this one, so I am glad you had fun with it!



Cool, fun and helpful.

I can use it to get the whole text for Google translate. Now Google cannot translate Dev.to by URL.


It would be interesting to do it using Javascript with Sanctuary.js or Folktale.js or most.js for comparison


MojiScript makes all attempts to be compatibles with other functional libraries. So if you are familiar with Sanctuary, or Ramda, you should be able to import and use those libraries inside of MojiScript too!

Currently though some functions aren't fantasy-land spec compliant. This is on the roadmap to be supported.


Great read Joel! A lot of functional stuff in here so I am gonna have to read it more than once, but very cool none the less.


Yes, it's very functional. Hopefully it was also informative and fun to go through :)


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