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Using Agility CMS with Vue.js

My colleagues here at Agility CMS have a pretty big rivalry about what's better, React or Vue. Since React has more followers, we started with a "create-react-app" for Agility CMS - see that guide on using that right here, written by the amazing James Vidler.

For those of us who REALLY love Vue.js, I created an initial project template that you can clone from GitHub right now.

Step 1 - Create a Free Agility CMS Account

Step 2 - Clone the Repository

git clone
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Step 3 - Run it Locally

  • If you are at all familiar with Vue.js, you should be able to get it running locally.
  • If you're having trouble, or if you're new to Vue.js, start here
npm install
npm run serve
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Step 4 - Use the React guide

Step 5 - BONUS! - Deploy it to Netlify

  • We love Netlify - it's a great tool that also has a free tier (smart!).
  • Again, we've got a React guide for deploying your site to Netlify
  • Read that here:
  • Note that Vue.js by default builds to the dist folder, whereas React.js uses the build folder
npm run build
npm install -g netlify-cli
netlify login
netlify deploy --dir=dist --open

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Congrats! You've taken the first step towards working with an amazing Headless CMS and an incredibly powerful framework.

I'd really love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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