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Nice. Just read about BLAKE3 after seeing your post. Hope you find some good news about someone writing a Java Impl. For those of us obsessed with rust, there's a reference implementation in that lang:


Would be nice to replace Sha256 for a temporal data store ( I'm creating. That said if someone has ideas how to best compress and reduce storage space of currently at max 512 hashes (128Bits from the Sha256 hash) in a database page I'd be very happy. If I sort the hashes I'd have to keep an additional map, so that's a no go. Otherwise delta encoding would be great of course.

Classic DEV Post from Oct 11 '19

What was your win this week?

Got to all your meetings on time? Started a new project? Fixed a tricky bug?

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I'm working on an Open Source temporal NoSQL document storage system called SirixDB written in Java (and a module in Kotlin) in my spare time.