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John Papa
John Papa

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Peacock - Choose What to Color

Last Week I released Peacock, which solves a problem I had: quickly and visually differentiating between VS Code instances. Yeah, I usually have many of them open for multiple unrelated projects. Not to mention that I also use VS Code to write articles (like this one), take notes, and edit just about everything.

When I announced it, it seemed to go over well (thanks for the support). I received several good suggestions/requests via Twitter and GitHub. So I decided to add a few of them.

What's New

Here are the new features: (or you can check out the

The biggest new features are ...

  1. you can reset (aka clear) all colors that Peacock sets in the workspace.

  2. you can tell Peacock which parts of VS Code will be affected by when you select a color. You can do this by setting the property peacock.affectedSettings to one or more of the valid values below.

// Valid settings you can choose to be affected
"peacock.affectedSettings": [

So you can choose to affect just one of those, two of them or all three of them. You do you!

Credits Redux

I also want once again thank @josephrexme for the name and icon for Peacock and to the VS Code team and their incredibly helpful guide for creating extensions

Get Peacock

If you have Peacock and want the update to v0.0.7, VS Code will prompt you soon.

If you are interested in trying out Peacock, you can find it here in the marketplace. It is currently in preview, which means there may be dragons ahead.

  • Get the extension here
  • Contribute to GitHub repository here

peacock icon

Worst case, this extension is just something I'll use, and that's OK. But if you like it too, please give it a try and submit feedback in GitHub. You can open issues or grab an open issue and help contribute.


Top comments (14)

kelli profile image
Kelli Blalock

Thanks for making this extension! I used to open different projects in different editors to differentiate between them, but now I only like using VS Code and this makes it so much easier to tell which project is which.

Also, if anyone has trouble installing it, it wouldn't install for me until I updated VS Code to the latest version and then it installed with no problem.

john_papa profile image
John Papa

You’re welcome. Thanks for trying it.

You make a great point about the version. I could lower the requirement if it helps. But maybe it should stay up since it encourages updates. The generator from the code team sets that and I didn’t take notice.

wesleylhandy profile image
Wesley Handy

This extension has made my day to day development so much better. I didn't know what I was missing. Due to our stack at work, I commonly have between 5 and 6 workspaces open and even with multiple monitors and stacking instances, it's burdensome to go between them at times. Peacock, wow!, thanks for this extension!

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

Are you supposed to be able to have two VSCode workspaces open in different windows at the same time?

I though you were, and that was what this extension solved, but I don't remember now. Anyway, after installing, I definitely can't have two open side-by-side. Opening a second one closes the first.

Is that something your extension did or just a the way VSCode behaves?

john_papa profile image
John Papa

Hi. Yes vs code let’s you open several instances of itself.

Peacock just allow a you to color each one differently.

hamatti profile image
Juha-Matti Santala

Thank you so much John for building this! I've always done it manually but Peacock makes it so much fun and I don't have to worry about spending time on it anymore.

john_papa profile image
John Papa

you're very welcome! thanks for the support

ahmadawais profile image
Ahmad Awais ⚡️

Perfect name! So good much love.

faiz28 profile image
Faiz Ahmed


codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Very cool! Just added this to my VSCode.

john_papa profile image
John Papa

Awesome. Thanks for the support.

hewanalief profile image
Hewan Gebrealief • Edited

Awesome extension I added it to my vscode.Its very helpful.Thank you for making the extension!!!

simbo1905 profile image
Simon Massey

This plugin delights me every day 🥇🦚 🙌🏻

kylefilegriffin profile image
Kyle Griffin

Looks good!