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Creates a direct workflow for your software with the help of GitHub actions

GitHub is the first new upcoming developer’s tool and you can try GitHub Action by signing up on its official website. It gives developers the flexibility to build an automated lifecycle workflow for software development. Workflows run in Linux, macOS, Windows, and containers on GitHub-hosted servers. So developers can create workflows using actions defined in their repository, open-source actions in a public repository on GitHub, or a published Docker container image.

Some feature of GitHub Actions are:

Write tasks (Actions) to create your custom workflow.

GitHub introduced GitHub Actions to customize your workflow. “Actions” is a feature of GitHub using code packaged in a Docker container running on GitHub’s servers. Developers can set up triggers for events, such as introducing new code to a testing channel, that set off Actions to take further steps involving that code defined by principles set by administrators.
Like most of the projects, software development is usually broken down in dozens, hundreds, or thousands of small steps depending on the scope of the project. Teams need to coordinate on the progress of those steps, such as whether they are ready for review or still need some work, as well as coordinating the merging of that code into existing software without breaking anything.
These Actions, which is now

In limited unrestricted beta,
Developers can set up the workflow to build,
Use packages, and
Update and deploy the code.
Compile and Run automatical

This tool is considered as a “Biggest shift ever in the history of GitHub”. Neither, have you ever thought that there would a tool that customizes your workflow according to your needs? It’s just a new concept to enhance the productivity of the developers. It is a more flexible version of shortcut, on GitHub as well as it designed to allow developers to create an action inside a container to augment and connect their workflow.
Actions are shareable and discoverable

That means no more mucking around different services just to create one single project or get your code into production. With GitHub Actions, you can continuous integration tool that allows developers to automate tasks for their web projects which consume less time by sharing and discover the codes.
Just like Repos in GitHub- To put your projects up on GitHub, it is important to create a repository for it to live in. You have to create public repositories for an open-source project and this includes a license file that determines how many people you want to share your codes. But with Actions, it is easy to share and discover the codes. GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories.
It allows the developers who have worked on GitHub projects in private repositories. That accounts contain a huge amount of corporate or business development projects. To list contributions to some of those projects without giving away all the secrets.

Some cool terms use by developers on GitHub Action:

Workflow File
Workflow Run
Continuous Integration (CI)
Continuous Deployment (CD)
Virtual Environment

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