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Python Terminal Game

Direction Dungeon

After spending a fair amount of time with JavaScript and the MERN technology stack, I decided to learn a new language. Everyone has heard the buzz of Python of course and I wanted to see for myself what the language had to offer. I find the best way for me to learn is through several different approaches. I currently have an internship in which I am just now beginning to use Python, but I also wanted a more structured teaching environment as well.

I have a pro membership with Codecademy. I use their platform as an initial look at different languages before going out to gather my own information. I noticed that not only did they have Python available, but they also used it in their Computer Science Path as well. So I decided to learn something new (Python) while also brushing up on some skills that are language agnostic (Computer Science).

One of the requirements for the project is to create some type of CLI game. I choose to create a thriller/choose-your-own-adventure mash-up. Here is an image of one of the user input moments in the game:

Image of terminal game Direction Dungeon

Basically the game allows you to give a player options, then create different scenarios through a story narrative based on what the player chooses. It was a lot of fun to make, and I think I am going to add a few more enhancements after the Computer Science course is done! I found a cool library that made making ascii art super simple and upped the game style just a bit, so that it is more than boring text.

I have lately been working with Bitbucket for my Git version control, but it was nice to go back to GitHub after being away for awhile. I like the kanban style simplistic setup of "Projects" in GitHub. Although it is nice to spice things up with Trello in Bitbucket and add a little more stylistic spice! In any case if you want to check out my project you can view it in the GitHub repository for Direction Dungeon.

Thank you for reading and happy coding!

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