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State of serverless computing - an open discussion

Working on an article on the state of serverless space, how was 2018 and how will this space evolve in 2019. What can we realistically expect from the big players in the space and what are some of the biggest challenges that they should address?

Anyone wanting to get featured in the article with a quote drop a comment or a message on twitter @johndemian


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Ben Halpern

It seems like the competition in the cloud is getting very intense. With Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM, plus plenty of smaller players, all investing heavily, we should see a lot of fast progress in serverless.

Everything from AWS Re:Invent was pretty exciting for the space. It will be fun to see what comes next.

I'm also curious whether any of the other tech giants have plans on getting into this space at all. If serverless is truly going to be a big deal on its own, somebody could leapfrog the whole cloud services offering and jump straight into cloud functions. I'm not sure it's going to be that big a thing as a standalone product, but you never know.

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Dan Fockler

I think you might see more and more of this type of serverless backed APIs. They are so easy to scale and deploy. I can see a lot of it wrapping CPU bound tasks that people want offloaded in the background.

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Dan Fockler

At our company we have been pushing a lot of the non-core functions, that previously used standalone binaries, out to serverless infrastructure. Things like PDF generation or asset compilation are extra work to setup in a container context so having them be serverless makes sense.

Any time sensitive information gets offloaded to a 3rd party service you have to take security into consideration and I think that is something that the cloud companies will have to make sure is solid and well thought out.

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I think being able to be cloud agnostic here is going to be big. Just like how Kubernetes is. Serverless functions are still very coupled to the cloud provider and I haven't found an easy way to switch providers if I implement a serverless infrastructure using one cloud provider.

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