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My Problem with HTML Tables

I feel like no css framework has really solved the problem of HTML tables.

Take this basic bootstrap table for example:

Alt Text

"Responsive" Tables On Mobile 🙄

Even the table-responsive class is hardly "responsive" it just makes the table scroll sideways off the screen. This is not an ideal solution.

Alt Text

My Alternative

I string together div's with col classes to make sure the interface responds well on mobile devices, so instead of scrolling offscreen, content flows into nice rows:

Alt Text


Open this up and drag the preview window to get a gist of what I mean:

How does everyone else solve this problem?

I like my solution because it is one piece of code that carries into mobile and desktop, however it's just so incredibly verbose.

What CSS frameworks handle this well? How else have people solved this?

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I saw this cool trick to make a table responsive.
It automatic and it only uses html and css

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John Jacob

Nice! Damn, using the data labels like that for sure makes it less verbose. This is a great find, thanks!