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7 pieces of advice I wish I knew when I started as a Junior Software Engineer

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Someone asked this question recently and this are my thoughts about it.

Write more & take notes

Writing is a really valuable skill for developers, the sooner you start developing it the better. Take notes so you have stuff you can write about later.

Teach what you learn

The best moment to teach something is when you just learned it. Apply to do workshops with other developers, write articles, create videos. Teach what you learned and you will solidify that knowledge.

Show your work

You'll feel imposter syndrome every time. Publish articles, create websites, try to get people to use them. You'll only find the things you can improve at when you see people reacting to your work.

Connect with people

Try not to be just a lurker and participate in conversations about topics you're interested in. Give your opinion and your thoughts. Learn from others.

Ask more questions, even the stupid ones

Specially the stupid ones. Asking questions will start conversations that will make you learn 100% times more than tutorials and books.

Asking good questions is a great skill, and you develop it by asking stupid questions.

Chill, you don't have to know everything by tomorrow

Learn things as you need them. Don't rush it or you'll burn out of tutorials, books and making projects for the sake of learning technologies.

A healthy lifestyle will make you more productive

5 hours of work a day, exercise and healthy diet will get more done than 12 hours of work a day. If it's not sustainable don't do it.

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