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Learn JavaScript's for...of and - in 2 minutes

The loop

We use when we want to use the keys of an Object.

const myObject = {
  keyOne: 'valueOne',
  keyTwo: 'valueTwo',
  keyThree: 'valueThree'

for (const propertyKey in myObject) {

// Will result in:
> 'keyOne'
> 'keyTwo'
> 'keyThree'
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As we can see in the example propertyKey will be the key of the object.

You should know
💡 will ignore any Symbols in your Object

If we want to access the value we can still do it like this

for (const propertyKey in myObject) {
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But instead of doing this we could use a for...of loop.

The for...of loop

The for...of loop will iterate over the values of the Iterable Object.

Here's an example with an Array

const myIterableObject = [
  'valueOne', 'valueTwo', 'valueThree'

for (const myValue of myIterableObject) {

// Will result in
> 'valueOne'
> 'valueTwo'
> 'valueThree'
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This is a good alternative to the forEach method

This was a quick introduction to these two syntaxes of the for loop in Javascript. I recommend you play around with them. These two are really useful to know when you want to write short for loops.

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Nice article, short and precise