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Costin Giorgian
Costin Giorgian

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Machine Learning career path

Hello everyone!

I want to become one of the top machine learning engineers.
I know that I have to follow a long learning path and maybe I don't even have the skills, but at least I want to try.

I found a lot of online resources, but I do not know which are the best and where to start.
So, what courses, books do you recommend?
There is any ML engineer here that was self-educated?

Costin Giorgian

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Frank Rosner

Hi Costin,

I want to become one of the top machine learning engineers.

That's going to require a lot of dedication and studying. I can tell you that after 5 years of university I managed to implement simple machine learning algorithms myself. Usually you specialize in a certain field during a PhD or putting a lot of spare time into reading papers after that.

If you are in a position to go to a university, I definitely recommend that. If not, I'd start with a few courses about the basics, e.g. is a very good one. It is important to stop every time you don't understand something and look it up. Talk to other people about it. Do the exercises and, most importantly, implement. Formulas are nice but when it comes to the implementation there are so many important details you are missing if you never did it yourself.

I personally learned the basics during university and then started to self-educate through reading papers, attending courses and watching tutorials. But I do not consider myself to be even close to being one of the top ;)