No social media in the mornings - Day 3

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Another day, another entry for my no social media in the morning journal.

You can check out my article on what would your life be without social media in the morning for more details.

As a friendly reminder, again, my main goal is to inspire and motivate you. It gets easier, I promise.

Let's continue the journey!

Day 3

  1. Turning off the alarm.
    It was another morning like yesterday: tough. I turned my alarm and slipped back into my bed.

    Fortunately, I was feeling better today but I still passed for another hour. This time I heard my wife coming back from dropping off the boys from school.

    "Crap! I'm really late" - I thought and jumped out of bed onto the shower. Another day without my morning run. A very bad streak to have.

  2. Phone in pocket 📵
    The shower felt good this morning and put me in a better mood to my surprise. It's not as good as my endorphin rush, but it will had to do. My stomach wasn't bothering as much and my eyes weren't burning as bad today.

    "Maybe today won't be so bad" - I said to myself and picked up my phone to quickly placed it in my pocket. Another victory.

  3. Sun behind clouds
    My wife reminded me about my breakfast on my backpack as I walked out the door. The tea tasted great this morning for some reason (or maybe I was just in a better mood). 🍵

    It was a great morning. Not too hot, but not cold. The sun was appearing behind the clouds. Enough to make you feel warm and put a smile on your face.

  4. The drive to work 🚗
    I was not in the mood for music, but didn't want to start a new audio book. Then I remember a new episode from my favorite podcast: Developer On Fire.

    His life and career advice is superb for any developer at any stage of their career.

    Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Your future self will thank by listening to people who have walked the path ahead of yours.

  5. Work, work 👨‍💻
    Morning stand-up was pretty standard. We all knew what to do for the day. But I was so engrossed on the podcast that I went and re-listen some parts of the interview.

    Since I didn't want to forget any detail, I decided to write all Dave's advice/quotes in notepad and saved them to a file. Look for a future article with all my notes.

    I can safely say this interview helped me out this morning. It reminded me to be present and that we are all learning.

First time checking social media

  • Twitter: sometime after 11:00am
  • Email: sometime after 11:30am
  • Dev.to: 5:00pm
  • Crypto currency: 9:15am

Removing News and Reddit because they don't usually distract me.

I realized the only reason I checked on crypto currency is because I haven't met my goal of getting a certain amount of a coin :)


Today was a better day than yesterday. The podcast was the game changer. It set the tone for the rest of my day.

I found myself in a real good conversation with a manager and was showered with even more wisdom. I couldn't have done it without being present in the moment and listening to him.

Do you think no social media in the mornings can help you achieve presence? If so, give a chance. Your future self will thank you. I'm thanking my past self for starting this fun experiment.

Oh, hey, what does your journey say? 🙂

Thanks for reading. Till tomorrow!


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