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For the readers of my website (which doesn't always get cross-posted to Dev.to), you will know that for this month (as well as following months), I am going to attempt to write a blog post every weekday, inspired by TreTuna's 1000 words for 1000 days challenge.

Now, the spirit of the challenge isn't to write 1000 public words (private notes also count), but I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a blog with one million words.

Inspired by this, I am setting out to write at least one million words in my blog (though not necessarily in 1000 days). To help me reach this goal, I built a tool that takes an RSS feed and counts the number of words written. Accordingly, I have named it One Million Words.

This project is still very much a work in progress (for example, it expects your posts to be in a <main> tag), but I wanted to give this community a first peek.

The code is open source. I am very much open to feedback!

Without further ado: One Million Words

Some work I'd like to do:

  • Save requests to the database
  • Work on the design.
  • Automatically update when feeds are updated.
  • Support content in any arbitrary HTML tag, not just <main>

In future posts, I will walk through the code, the design decisions I made, and how I deployed it.

PS: If you are looking for a feed to try, and have at least one post on Dev.to, try https://dev.to/feed/username, eg: https://dev.to/feed/joseph_lozano

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congrats and great to see you pick up on this!


Excited to have you starting the journey too!