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Joshua Wootonn
Joshua Wootonn

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I must live in the open

I can’t find a job right now 😑

It’s because I don’t have enough stuff in the open. I have worked on closed source software, and my freelance work consists of a highly specific app, my website, my wife’s, and uncompleted projects. It’s almost like I have been living in the dark for the past 5 years of my life.

I don’t blame people for not hiring me. I only have one year out of college so I am in this weird not a new grad and not a senior engineer spot.

What really sucks is I live in the dark. No one follows me on Twitter, no one sees what I am creating, and my tribe is extremely small. So even though my friends have been super helpful I am still in this rut.

I am going to change that. To have an internet tribe I will be

  • Posting thoughts and how-tos here on Medium and over on
  • Showcasing my work on for simple things and for complex things
  • Sharing my work on Twitter

If you made it this far. I am impressed. I bet this article sucks but my verbal communication is something else I am going to be working on. So hang tight brother.

This week I will be making working on

  • Creating an article about Vercel serverless functions
  • Creating 3 Codepens (1 redesign, 1 Lottie animation, and 1 random)

Mark my words. I will be editing this article with what I create below.

For a better future,

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Ben Sinclair

I'm not sure this matters too much - at least where I live. In the UK at the moment a lot of places are still struggling to find enough good people. We take people in for an interview based on their application. Anything they might have to show like a portfolio is nice, but it's not really that important.

I'd say by all means put some time and effort into making things public, but do it because you want to do it, not because you think it's a route to a job. The world is full of portfolios of people showing off their skills. I don't think they do much to get your foot in the door anywhere, and if you make a bad one, people will definitely notice - there's nothing more off-putting than obvious mistakes on a site where someone's trying to blow their own trumpet :)

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Joshua Wootonn

Cool to hear from you ben.

I do have a portfolio here! Maybe it's offputting because of the lack of completed work display on it?

do it because you want to do it

I agree! That is what others have been saying. I do want to do it. I do want to talk to people from Scotland and anywhere else that is interested in the same things as me! I haven't in the past because of a limiting world view, but this book has kinda shown me that. I don't really care about being Dan Abramov, but community is essential even in just the tens!